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Malcolm &  Melanie were accidentally left at the Quasar Research facility during a school field trip. After being left, the evil mad scientist Dr. Sinister flooded the facility with knock-out gas to conduct an experiment with two foreign terrorist. Dr. Sinister planned on using cosmic energy from a mysterious alien stone called the Star-Stone in his experiment. When the experiment failed during a shoot out with anti-terrorist agents, he kidnapped Malcolm & his cousin to experiment on them instead.


At his base, Dr. Sinister began the operation on Malcolm & Melanie to see how he could alter their molecular mass with the Star Stone’s energy. But the operation was interrupted by divine forces that altered the effects of the experiment.  Additionally with the aide of Malcolm & Melanie’s subconscious mind and the intercession of their worried parents, the experiment shifted into an operation that transformed them into two super powered beings.  At the height of the operation, Dr. Sinister's machines exploded & he was severely injured & suffered amnesia. But he still managed to attack Malcolm & Melanie, who emerged as two super-powered human beings.  Dr. Sinister later escaped during their brief confrontation.  His plan to mutate Malcolm & his cousin for his own evil purposes failed, because Almighty God intervened.  Afterwards, Malcolm & Melanie embark on learning the skills of their newfound abilities.

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The effects of the Zero-Rays within Malcolm allows him to transform into his Conqueror form at will.  He can remain in his Conqueror body form as long as he likes until he wills himself back to his normal “Malcolm” form. While in his superhuman state, his endurance and speed and strength is drastically enhanced.


During his transformation, the molecular structure of his apparel goes through a metamorphosis & is observed into his costume. Also the molecular transformation effects his hair follicles so they to are instantly transformed into the molecular design (hairstyle) that he wears as Conqueror. Plus any nonorganic item is also instantly transformed, if he has it in his possession (Keys, Hats, glasses, etc.). When he willfully reverts back into human form, all possessions, clothing, hair styles (etc.) are transformed back into their original form. This again is because the Z-Rays effect the molecular structure of all matter (every item & every substance).


Super Strength

Conqueror's transformation from his human form (via the Zero-rays) alters the physical make up of his height & muscular physique. Most importantly his strength level is severely greatly increased by the Z-Rays. He is superhumanly strong and able to lift/press approximately up to 75 tons and punch through barriers as thick as four-inch steel plate. The Zero rays that are part of his molecular structure gives him skin that is hard as steel-hard. Also his muscles and bone tissue are super-dense; he can withstand conventional handgun fire at a range of four feet and cannot be cut by the sharpest of blades, although in the event of required surgery his skin can be lacerated by an overpowered medical laser. He can withstand up to one-ton impacts or blasts of 200 pounds of TNT without serious injury, and is impervious to temperature extremes and electrical shocks. He can withstand ballistic penetration as well as temperature extremes from 70º above absolute zero (-390º F) to approximately 9000º F.



Conqueror can project a psionic force beneath him which he can manipulate and give himself the ability to defy gravity. Once off the ground, he can instantly use the psionic force to propel his body in any direction, giving him the ability to fly through the air   He can reach a maximum speed of 400 mph.


Laser blast

Conqueror can generate from his body a laser blast. However he cannot generate the blast as easily as his cousin (Conqueris) can. Additionally, generating even a tiny blast is excruciatingly painful. Therefore this is a function he rarely attempts.

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Melanie can change into her Conqueris form at will. She can transform instantaneously

into her superhuman state, and can remain in her Conqueris bodily form as long as she wills. Since the Z-rays controls every molecular element of the transformations also effects her apparel, hairstyle, inorganic objects at the same time



Conqueris can project a psionic force beneath her which she can manipulate and give herself the ability to defy gravity. Once off the ground, she can instantly use the psionic force to propel her body in any direction, giving her the ability to fly through the air.   She can reach a maximum speed of 400 mph.  She can also increase the propulsion to an extreme amount to escape the gravitational pull of the earth, penetrate the earth's atmosphere and reach outer space. Once in outer space she can also propel herself in any direction at will.



The Zero Rays allow Conqueris to generate single repulsor blast of extreme force from her hands.  Conqueris can shoot the beams from her hands with the maximum force of 250 pounds of TNT.


Light & Lasers

Conqueris can produce a beam light. She can manipulate the light beam to a maximum intensity of a laser, with the ability to burn through metal.


Heat Ray / Cold Ray

Conqueris can produce rays that not only produce intense heat but she can also produce a ray that severely slows the movement of molecules for different forms structures & sources of energy.


Force field

Conqueris can mentally project protective fields that are highly resistant to concussive forces. This force field can also be deployed to protect her from atmospheric conditions while flying. It is strong enough to deflect blast without rendering her unconscious from the impact. (Repeated blasts would weaken the field considerably, and eventually penetrate it.) These force fields can generate an unlimited supply of oxygen. Making it possible to function in hazardous conditions like the ocean depths or the vacuum of space.

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